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EESL has put together the following options to help events and exhibitions be social distancing compliant.

If you have any queries or would like any further information, please contact us at

    Hand Sanitising Stations

    Please click above link to view our hand sanitising stations

    These can be freestanding, or they can be incorporated in to a feature area/stand design.

    Large Theatres & Conference Rooms

    Please click the above link to view an example of a large theatre or conference room with components added to enable social distancing to be adhered to.

    Meeting Rooms

    Within the link above, you will find some examples of meeting rooms laid out to enable people within them to maintain social distancing.

    Registration & Entrances

    In the link above you will find some ideas in order to make registrations and entrances to the events socially distance compliant.

    Seating Areas

    The examples in the above link show a range of seating area ideas to ensure people remain distanced whilst still being able to hold meetings/discussions.

    Hospitality Table Service

    The above visual shows some of the seating areas implemented and screens introduced to separate the tables.

    Tables can hold a maximum of 4 people each.

    Central bar area would be where members of staff provide table service from.

    Hospitality Safe Ordering

    This visual shows ideas that can be implemented in to show floor bars/networking areas to ensure social distancing is adhered to and to limit the number of people per group.

    Signage & Floor Stickers

    This gives you just a small example of the possibilities  of how signage can be used to enable social distancing and provide information to both visitors and exhibitors.

    Floor stickers are also an effective way to direct visitors in a one way system, or bring their attention to keeping their distance from other people.

    Small Seminar Theatres

    Above shows an example of how to ensure social distancing can be maintained within smaller theatres/seminar rooms.

    Work/Charging Stations & Screens

    The use of see-through screens is a great way to ensure people are able to get in close contact with each other.

    We have incorporated these in to some work benches/charging stations, and can also provide them within feature areas/stand designs.

    Hall & Floorplans

    These are just some of the options we can provide to ensure visitors/exhibitors adhere to one way systems, or are separated in some way.