The UK’s largest — and longest running — exhibition of UK & International property.

Over two days, a large audience of investors, home buyers, landlords and other residential property professionals gather to create, under one roof, the UK’s largest residential property investment, business & networking event.

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Event Information

Build up for Space Only stands 09.00hrs to 20.00hrs  Thursday 3rd October 2024
Build up for Shell Scheme and Ready to go stands 14.30hrs to 20.00hrs Thursday 3rd October 2024
If you turn up before 14.30hrs its possible your stand will not be ready.
Hall opens for all for last minute adjustments 08.00hrs to 10.00hrs Friday 4th October 2024
Show opens 10.00hrs to 18.00hrs Friday 4th October 2024
Hall opens for all for any adjustments 09.00hrs to 10.00hrs Saturday 5th October 2024
Show opens 10.00hrs to 17.00hrs Saturday 5th October 2024
Breakdown begins 17.30hrs to 20.00hrs Saturday 5th October 2024
Please remove all items from your stands as soon as the breakdown begins.

500- watt socket is suitable for: (this is the standard socket that comes with a Ready to Go Package)

  • Laptop
  • One Computer
  • Phone Charger
  • DVD player
  • Small domestic Fridge (excluding overnight mains – 24hr supply is a difference price)
  • Plasma Screen

1000- watt socket is suitable for:

  • Small domestic coffee machine
  • Small microwave cooker

2000 / 3000 – watt socket is suitable for:

  • Kettle
  • Catering coffee machine
  • Dishwasher
  • Water Heater

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